Departing from Changi Ferry Terminal


The place of Johor in Malaysia probably doesn’t need an introduction. One of the finest beaches of Johor is Desaru. If you happen to land in Desaru, you will be able to see how much this place is loved by the Singapore residents. In weekends, the place is flocked by them who come over to enjoy the resorts underlying the beauty of the beaches. Golf is another activity that is predominantly popular over here.

Towards the east of Singapore lies the area known as Changi. The headquarters of Singapore Airlines is located in Changi. There is no dearth of attractive spots in this part of Singapore as well. Hence, the popularity of Changi is not much far behind in comparison to Desaru.

changi-ferry-terminalYou need to be aware of one thing if you visit Desaru as a tourist. The place doesn’t have the facilities of public transportation. However, don’t worry. Even if you don’t want to avail a taxi or rental car all the time, there is this another mode of efficient transportation from Changi ferry terminal to desaru that will see you land safely at the proper place and time without any sort of hindrance.

Booking your tickets and confirming your ferry seat has never been so easy, thanks to the master of easiness, There are a lot of users who visits this webpage and book ferry from Singapore to Bintan. You just need to visit the site and select the ferry depart from and ferry arrive at locations. The other selection is the time and date of your travel and the number of persons you are travelling along with.

There are two ferries in a day that leave from the change ferry terminal and arrives at desaru. Both are coordinated by Desaru Fruit Farm Tour & Travel Company.

The first one leave at 10:30 in the morning while the other one is at 6 in the evening. Each of them has a capacity of 10 people.

The cost of travel is 26 Singapore dollars.

Two things get ascertained by this mode of travel – quick and effective transportation along with comfort. Probably this is the reason why ferry service is gaining popularity with each passing day in these regions. Not only has it been a blind preference for tourists but has been the choice of many local inhabitants and businessmen as well who travels on a frequent basis.

The seating capacity is kept to the minimum level of 10 in order to ascertain increasing level of safety of the passengers. The immigration procedures are handled quite efficiently, hence, that won’t be a bothering. There are some simple café shops that you will find. The passage will take around 20 minutes of time. The place in itself is quiet and peaceful.

10 Churches that must not be missed while in Malaysia


There are many places to visit in this world. But when it comes to Malaysia, only one thing comes to mind that it is second Asia. In case you are in Malaysia during the eve of Christmas, then enjoy the whole journey!

10 Mesmerizing Churches in Malaysia

If you want to make this Christmas special, then do not forget to step into the following 10 attractive churches in Malaysia:

  • St. Peter’s Church – A grand church to catch the glimpses of your eyes! Situated in Melaka, which is known to be among the historical cities of Malaysia, it was built during the time when the Dutch ruled the state.

  • St. Xavier’s Church – St. Xavier’s Church is among the most popular landmark in Melaka City. Built during the time of British rule, it is measured to be a good home to start the beautiful culture associated with this land. The architecture makes the spot unique.

  • Cavalry Convention Church – If you want to have a visit to modern church, then this is the correct place. An exciting place to worship makes it popular among the tourists and locals! Largest church in Malaysia!

  • St. John’s Cathedral – This Cathedral is one of the greatest places to visit in the city of Melaka in Malaysia. The unique tradition and heritage makes it incomparable. In case you are able to take a view from the hilltop, you have achieved a great bonus.

  • Wesley Methodist Church – In case you are getting bore on Sundays, then do not worry! He Wesley Methodist Church is among the most suitable destinations for spending the Sunday morning as well as evening in a calm and cool environment. Also, you can pray to God in Silence!

  • Christ Church – The Christ Church is a unique building comprising of red color in Melaka, one of the historical cities in Malaysia. At the time of building, the Dutch applied white coating but was later replaced by red by the Britishers.

  • St. James Church – A magnificent building in the city of Ipoh! The St. James Church is highly known for its rich culture and heritage. A great and serene place in the town to pray!

  • Salvation Army Church – A great thing to know about the Salvation Army Church! It lies in the heart of the city where the Salvation Army contributed a lot. If you are with family, then it will be the best choice to spend with family during the weekends.

  • City Harvest Church – The City Harvest Church is a modern church which is embedded with modernity. Best place to enjoy worship session!

  • St. Anne’s Church – This heritage church is located on the Penang Island whose architecture and tradition have made it unique. A great place to celebrate feasts and festivals!

Vibrant Activities of Malacca
Malacca is extremely vivid with its host range of activities which goes on till 
midnight. Tourists prefer Malacca for its broad range of entertainment facilities 
along with finest drinks in sleek bars of Malacca. Malacca as a city is truly unique 
in its tradition along with geographical location. It hosts range of live musical 
concerts which attracts visitors from all walks of life. Malacca has musical 
connection with people which adds a unique vibe to its atmosphere which 
eventually attracts potential tourists from all over the world. For people who looking for bus from singapore to genting can drop by to Malacca for a short visit too.  
The nightlife of Malacca is pretty tantalizing with its wide range of clubs & pubs 
offering exotic musical night along with beverages at low prices. It also involves 
mouth watering cuisines with exceptional services. Tourists visiting Malacca for the 
first time generally head to Hard Rock Café which offers a vibrant environment to 
chit-chat with friends or families. Many tourists take photographs at Hard Rock 
Café and post their pictures on the internet thereby multiplying its publicity & 
attracting more visitors its café. 
The Mixx Club in Malacca City thrills everyone with its mind blowing music played 
by international DJs. They first categories the music’s on the basis of hip hop, rock, 
pop etc & plays them upon its popularity. The Mixx Club is immensely popular as it 
is located on the second floor of Mahkota Parade. The interior of Mixx Club is huge 
like a commercial warehouse whose walls are illuminated by neon lights. Visitors 
love the arrangements of the neon lights which keeps moving in a circular motion 
along with the amusing music played by the DJs in the club. The club’s entry fee is 
quite nominal but it keeps changing from time to time. 
The Ringo’s Classic Café Malacca is another wonderful tourist destination which is 
situated along the jonker street. The tourists visit the café during night as they 
offers complementary live performance of local musicians. The Ringo’s Classic Café 
Malacca is a bustling place for tourists & music lovers as they prefer the interior 
decorated with old musical instruments, posters & historical items of interest. Most 
tourists feel the songs to be rejuvenating as they are able to establish a connection 
with them. 
Surprisingly in Malacca, the Library is quite popular with visitors as it is a restrobar 
with wide range of nourishing food & live musical performance. The restrobar 
boasts itself as one of the most desirable cafes for tourists as it provides imported 
beverages priced reasonably. Malacca is one of the most desirable tourist 
destinations with astounding night life.